"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

2017: Rhythm of the Spiral Dance

“The Rhythm of the Spiral Dance” is my practice and offering for this 2017 year. The first principle of Anusara yoga, is Open to Grace. It is the invitation to Attune to the deep Rhythm Spiraling and Weaving through everyone and everything at every moment. It is the Rhythm of Love, Breath, the Supreme Intelligence, all that is Invisible at every level, hidden within the Visible.

May each of us live to the Rhythm of Love as if every person on the planet mattered, every living being was sacred and our lovely garden planet home is the only one we have. May you keep spreading your Love, Joy and Beauty like no other ever has or ever will.

I’ll be teaching Anusara yoga all over the globe and collaborating with brilliant yogis, magicals, musicians, philosophers, doctors and healers! See you soon I hope, on the mat or off

Please join us to attune to the Rhythm of the Spiral Dance in your own Breath, Heart, Mind and Body through Anusara Yoga.  I hope to see you on this beautiful Blue-Green Space Jewel this year!

More dates and details coming soon!! Stay tuned.

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