"Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all."

~ Helen Keller


Heart Core Yoga is yoga practices through the teachings of Benita Wolfe Galvan. In celebration of the heart, Benita leads yoga immersions, teacher trainings, yoga retreats, and work(play!)shops around the world, several are bi-lingual. She is deeply honored to help cultivate the world community of yoga. Just for fun… Handstands Anonymous - BJ Galvan Anusara YogaThe Handstands Anonymous™ Facebook Group dedicated to play and the love of being upside down. Beej’s intention was originally to facilitate a fun place where she and the yoga community of teachers and students can share their common addiction for doing handstands. It has organically grown (no paid for FB posts) to about 28000+ handstanders and voyeurs of the great stand-on-our-hands! Gratitude and blessings to all of you who are sharing, inspiring, absorbing and holding space for the love of handstands!


  “Handstands give the high that keeps on giving, even AFTER you come down!”- Beej Galvan HandstandHeart         handstandsAnonLogo