"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead


About Benita

My birth name is Benita Breedlove Wolfe, and I have been known as Benita or BJ Galvan. My birth names are taking me back! I am an internationally recognized seasoned Anusara® yoga teacher and my Soul vision is to do my best to serve the greater flow of Nature in ways that contribute value, meaning and enhance the greater whole, to choose to bring more love, beauty and joy to Life in collaboration with other kindred Souls. Love is a choice. Leaving an Earth that is clean, healthy, safe and beautiful, a global culture founded on values of Love, peace and honor for all beings is the dream legacy that flows through my veins, for my grandchildren and all generations to come. I am dreamer, and I know I’m not the only one.  Benita Astavakrasana on Elbow

I love life and enjoy being a creatrix of lightheartedness. My classes are heart filled, therapeutically aligned dynamic flow classes, infused with fun, wisdom and sprinkled with handstands that will challenge and delight you. The Power of the yoga can guide you to awaken to your own radiant Source within your body, mind and spirit on the mat and off.

Some consider me to be a master Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, and yet I feel I am always a student, learning from every interaction, learning from every experience. My students are my teachers! I feel grateful for my 20 years of yoga, most of which through the Anusara yoga vision, my 30+ years as fitness teacher, 40+ years studying nature based metaphysical teachings expresses as an “energizing presence and is contagiously up lifting.” I have dedicated thousands of hours to rigorous yoga studies, practice, training, my contemplative practices of life and teaching Anusara yoga in my playful way. Whether it has been luck, destiny or Grace, probably a combination of all three, my devotion to choosing love, cultivating wisdom, acting in service, a disciplined studentship of yoga and a lively teaching style has resulted in an international teaching journey. It has been humbling, rewarding and full of absolute joy and sorrow, and ultimately, I feel blessed in every way.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to travel the world studying with, apprenticing and assisting master the founder of Anusara Yoga, John Friend. Although he has left the Anusara yoga world and I am no longer studying with him, it is with great honor that I have been one of the principle co-founders in the collaboration of the now “not for profit, teacher-led global Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga™.” It has been a courageous test of the soul and a challenging labor of love to help carry the non-dual and alignment teachings of the Anusara lineage forward as ‘Anusara Yoga’ through ASHY. I have been integral in introducing Anusara yoga in South America and am fluent in Spanish. Currently l lead bi-lingual immersions, teacher trainings, master classes, retreats, workshops and intensives in Latin American and other international and national venues. Ever the student, I continue to refine my yoga, wisdom and nature based studies with the finest teachers, scholars and healers in the world. I have regularly studied yoga philosophy with renowned Tantric wisdom scholars Carlos Pomeda, Bill Mahoney, Sally Kempton, Paul Muller-Ortega, Chris ‘Hareesh’ Wallis and Dr. Douglas Brooks. All of these great teachers and teachings inspire the subtle weaving of life affirming themes into my classes. My ardent desire to stay anchored within my internal Source and to attune to the Sacred Rhythm of Life in the world and the hearts of those around me, fuels my dedication to continued study and practices of other healing modalities and nature based traditions that naturally expand the body, mind and soul. Humbly filled with gratitude, love and devotion, I feel honored and responsible for the privilege to share the knowledge and teachings of grace that my teachers have so graciously and generously showered on me. IMG_4170.JPG

Awakening Avalon – As long as I can remember, I have always been a mystic soul. My love of wisdom and metaphysics began as a little girl of six when my grandmother died. I began having visions, angelic visitations, prophetic dreams and other mystical experiences that have spanned my entire life. I am an initiated Avalon High Priestess in the lineage of Avalon, an Earth wisdom lineage rooted in Celtic shamanistic mysticism.  I feel deep gratitude for my High Priestess teacher, Dr. Holly Hamilton and my archetypal astrology teacher and sistar, Harmony Raye, M.S. Depth Psychology, of Divine Harmony Astrology. A Priestess is a woman who does her best to embody the highest spiritual values, opening as a receptive vessel for the power of Spirit to move through her thoughts, words and actions, her heart and wisdom in absolute service of Love. May my will be Divine Will always, in humble devotion, wisdom and service of Love. Blessed Be.

The Celtic School of Yoga – The vision “Aisling” of the Celtic School of Yoga is the calling back, a singing in, a homecoming, to our highest state of Being through the practices of breath, song, story, poetry, yoga, movement and stillness, in kinship with soul friends and a deep rapport with the Rhythm of the natural world. The intention of all the practices, stories, and ideas shared through the Celtic School of Yoga immersions and teacher training is to empower you to trust your own inner wisdom, connect to the natural world and the Rhythms that run through everything.The old Indo-European word ‘Yoga’ refers to a connection to yourself which helps you towards freedom and the realisation that you are a vital part of the great tapestry of living in this world—and to discover how it feels to be truly nourished in your own place and land and time. I feel delighted to be co-developing The Celtic School of Yoga with author and founder, Jack Harrison, to share this non-dual ancient, yet absolutely current vision and way of Being into the world through a yoga platform. Check out our YouTube and join us!! 

Handstands Anonymous™,  a fun Facebook group with 28000+ people dedicated to the love of handstands is my creation (super easy, I just dreamed up the group) and it continues to be a delightful past time for all handstand lovers!

B.Y. (Before Yoga): My former health/wellness career includes being a certified ACE and IDEA fitness instructor and personal trainer for 15+ years. I hold certifications as a Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, (grateful to my teacher, founder Marie Mongan), HeartSpeak, an emotional release, stress reduction method, (thank you Dr. Anne Jensen sister and innovator of HeartSpeak), a Reiki Master (thank you Sunny Johnson), ordained minister for weddings, funerals and other rites of passage, I have attended births and deaths, and collaborate in shamanic sweat lodges and other ceremonial events. Outside of the wellness/fitness industry, I founded or co-founded and managed multiple successful business ventures, both for profit and not for profit, built and managed commercial real estate, served four years on a local school board which built the first green school in the country, as well as served on the board for my neighborhood association and there is more! I am so blessed and proud to be the mother of three extraordinary young men, and overjoyed to be the grandmother of two beautiful little boys and three little faerie granddaughters, also known as the Grand Drops! I feel supremely blessed and am eternally thankful for my family, my soul friends, all my teachers, lineages of Grace and to all of our ancestors from whence we came. We are One family in Love, we all belong to each other, and we all belong the Earth, Gratitude and Love. 12.25.12Granddrops2

“Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very brave.”

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes