12.21.12 Solstice Mayan Galactic = Radical Choice


SGU-Castillo-Orion-IMG4323-900x600Sitting with the quiet of the ‘sun standing still’, Solstice, coinciding with the mythic end of the Mayan calendar, there is no doubt of the potency of the moment. In the star filled heavens, huge cycles of time are ending/beginning as measured in galactic movements and alignments. Astrologically we are into ‘the dawning’ of the Aquarian Age. As our island planet has been hurling through space, collectively we have been exposed to belts of cosmic rays we’ve been traveling through, bathed in upsurges of solar flares and we’ve been experiencing shaking and shifts geologically, meteorologically, politically, socially, personally and spiritually. Everyone can feel it on some level.

Today is the gateway for tomorrow’s reality. It marks the invitation of revelation and awakening to all parts of your self on every level, in turn an invitation to a global awakening. When one awakens, we all awaken. Oneness is always happening, as you and everyone and everything around you. As luminous conscious Beings, the awakening is the moment to moment, ever-expanding awareness to the inter-connectivity of all beings….always immersed in Consciousness, always connected to each other.

For the next day or so, the energy of this great portal in time and space is still powerfully aligned for devotional appreciation and envisioning. If you haven’t already, take your journal, sit in a space that is meaningful to you, wherever you feel expanded and light. Light a candle, connect with your breath, drop your awareness into your heart space and ask yourself the questions.

What were the challenges of the last cycle (year) and how are you grateful for them? Be with the energy of those experiences, the joyful ones and painful ones, let them flow, feel and watch them. What did you learn and what blessings can you receive from them? Imagine and dream your future, write your visions in present tense, detailed because it already exists and is in process of who you intend to be for the next year, the next five, twenty and beyond. Do it for all areas of your life, spiritual, health, relationships, career and finances. In the same way journal about how you see the energy of our planet and how we will transform it together. You are the co-creator for our tomorrow, you are a free Being, and with your free will, your choice is to be who you came to be and move in the fabric of time and space in a way enhances the beauty of the fabric, or not. 


“Only when we can peer into all corners of ourselves… Embrace our wholeness full of fearful dark shadows and light filled joy, only when we can gaze into ourselves and be comfortable and Love all shades of our self, can we heal. Only when we can love all shades of our self in every other being and love all shades of every being with in our self, will the world heal.” – Me, last week on FB.


This is the power of Love. You ARE a point of power. It is the power of Self Love, you have the power to give Love and the power to receive Love. The power of Love is the energy that is the connective force that is your Essence, Love weaves us together as a global community and Love is the energy that will heal the planet.

Now is the time to let go of the old ways of being, allow the new you to unfold, affirm and radically re-affirm you. You are free to choose….Radically Choose Love.

A Day for Thanks Giving

What if you remembered and lived from the knowing of your natural state of being that is the state of Grace?

It is the favor of the Universe to express itself as you, in this moment…now, the gift of embodiment… you, a radiant Being of luminous conscious stardust. Every moment in life is a grace filled jewel strung together on the silky gift of breath. Awakening to the blessing of living awareness, the yoga, is the invitation to receive everything and everyone with emphatic affirmation, the dark and painful as well as the joyful and happy.

What choice do you have to make in order to hold all of life’s experience in deep appreciation? To allow every experience cultivates appreciation, an internal feeling of esteemed value and meaning. Appreciation expands self limiting boundaries with spacious gratitude in your Heart. It creates heart waves of Love that ripple through old walls of disappointment, resentment and bitterness, melting them into loving forgiveness. Allowance and appreciation are tools to glean the vibration of a blessing from any experience.

Offering loving thanks from the infinite well of gratitude takes the internal experience of gracious appreciation outward. As the luminous stardust being you are, to give thanks radiates light beams of loving gratitude as prayer, infinitely shining out into the fabric of time and space. As rays of sunshine pour on all earthly life, all beings benefit from your Light, all of life is enhanced because you have made a conscious choice to give thanks.

Thanks, Love, Gratitude and Grace, all is For Giving. Every day is a day to give thanks. Full of thanks for it all, wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Why and to what are we aligning anyway?

I read a lovely blog on alignment earlier, which inspired me to contemplate it… again,… and share my thoughts, scary, but here they are.

Alignment matters, from my perspective, an Anusara perspective. When I’m in alignment, I feel happy, connected to my Self and the world, I feel free; when I’m out of alignment, I feel contracted, alone and stuck, not free.

As a yoga student in class, I want to know ‘why’ the teacher wants me to align in a certain way, and I want to know ‘to what’ or ‘to whom’ am I aligning? Kim artha, for what purpose, why? The ‘goal, reason, purpose’ of our practice is to awaken to and recognize Supreme Consciousness in ourselves, each other and all beings and things, sentient and non-sentient. (more…)

Standing Steady without my Credit Cards and iPhone

A few months ago my dear student, friend and hostess in Chile gave me one of those backpack purse adornments, a string of dazzling purple and gold hearts, Shri-ed (high beauty) up with golden sequins and bobbles in the Anusara colors. I immediately put it on my travel purse and have enjoyed the deeper meaning of the talisman ever since.

The closing day of Anusara Immersion One in Geneva came fast. It had built up to it’s peak, day five of five straight 7+ hour days, moving our bodies, cooling our minds and cooking our hearts together. A talented international group, Italy, France, Costa Rica, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, the UK and me, the American, were in the house. Three of them were somehow involved with the United Nations and everyone had their unique gifts to offer. Everyone spoke English, and of course the language of Love. The week ended in great awakening, love and friendships that will last a lifetime. Amazing Grace of the community, the kula, the family we choose to walk with on this path of awakening and love. (more…)

Yes on the Mogul Moon…

This weekend, Sunday to be exact, marks the traditional Indian celebration of Guru Purnima. It is the brightest, fullest moon of year, in the month of Ashadha of the Hindu calendar. Thousands of years ago, this moon was chosen by disciples to celebrate and honor their Guru, the ‘one who brings the light to the darkness’. Students would offer blessings, gifts and prayers to their teacher in deep gratitude for their spiritual knowledge and guidance the teacher had bestowed on them. Guru Purnima is still celebrated by millions of people to this day in honor of their teachers.

Sunday is the perfect day to celebrate my teacher John Friend, as well as all my teachers who have illumined the horizon of my ignorance, even the ones I didn’t like! I don’t believe in coincidences and find it auspicious that an article written on John will be featured in this Sunday’s New York Times. The article went live online on Thursday, and I got a hold of it on Twitter. Between emails and household details, I read it with delight and happily retweeted, “Yes, We are the yoga of YES!’ (more…)