Like the yoga mystic nerd that I am, my morning Goddess-food breakfast became an inspired metaphor for it all. After my kalecucumbapplegingerlemoncilantro green juice in the new juicer, I sliced open a pomegranate.

Two ruby red Sacred Flowers stared at me. Another moment of recognition, each ruby leaf the center of the vesica piscis, (‘fish bladder’) which is the mathematically sacred geometrical basis of all life. From the One become Two, the Vesica Piscis, the cells split in krama shakti (power of deep sequencial order) and become the Sacred Flower of Life, and ultimately a human being. 2014 is the year the seeds sown of the past will ground and grow.


It looks delicious. As I peeled apart the thin matrix holding the ripe red seeds togethPomegranate_Tree1er, I’m reminded of every moment embedded in each other moment that is happening now. Each moment of the last year, the last decade, the last 50 years, a individual yet never separate seed imbued with flavor, color and potential to create more thriving trees, flowers, fruits and more seeds. It is exponential potential and possibility. All of the moments strung together held in the matrix of the everyday worldly moments, every bit as holy and necessary for the succulence of the fruit to grow into ripeness.

There is a certain amount of self-effort and reflection necessary to extract the blessing of the alluring seeds. It is kind of messy and some of the blood red juice gushes out so I have to be mindful gently disengaging the sweet fruit from the slightly bitter matrix. Not so pomegranate seedseasy, until I figure out the pattern and get into that flow, and still some of the dull papery membrane gets stuck to the red treasure. It’s the fleshy stuff that we have to deal with, the obligatory duties or karmas that aren’t so juicy, sometimes boring, sometimes bitter, yet necessary for the nectar. It’s the parts of life that when it’s served it’s purpose, I can just bless it, and let it go. I don’t have to chew and consume that too. So I carefully separate the chaff from the grain.

Every moment is part of the whole; the juicy fruit, seeds, matrix all held together in the microcosm in the skin of potential. Our spiritual and yogic practices give us the tools to learn to gently disentangle the necessary mundane matrix from the sweet succulence of the colorful fruits. The invitation is to recognize it all as sacred. Gratefully let go of the superfluous, and relish the succulence of what you love, the sweetness, beauty and enthusiasm of delight. Save some seeds, nourish them and grow them into your own sweet delicious gifts to the world.

56273836211789106287I love pomegranates. Life is a pomegranate.

May everyday in 2014 be another sweet juicy pomegranate seed to relish and delight, filled with Love to grow and share!