"Light is the Priestess of landscape."

~ John O'Donohue

Good Alignment = Good Therapy


Using the fundamentals of Anusara hatha yoga practice and the Universal Principles of Alignment™ applied in order (krama) with balanced action, we’ll explore the way to touch, stabilize and move each other in ways that increase the flow of life force to encourage healing and well being in body, mind and Soul for yourself and your students. 


I will be collaborating with other master energetic healers in certain therapeutic intensives. The physical body is the last place a ‘dis – ease’ or misalignment expresses as an illness or injury. Using aligned movement with breath, meditation and other key modalities, the energetic origins of many blockages can be accessed acknowledged and cleared.

The long term results from a regular yoga practice are healing, in body, mind and soul, a recognition and experience of your Divine nature and learning the tools to living a life with more love, joy and celebration.

bjadjustsetubandhaAlign to the Rhythm of Love, the Rhythm underlying everyone and everything, and learn to love your life and live a life you Love.