“Benita has an energizing presence and is contagiously up lifting.” 

- A Student, Scottsdale, Arizona

"She tried to remember that she was only a vessel of power, not the power itself, for the power itself came from the Goddess." 

- Morgaine, Mists of Avalon

Welcome! I feel delighted you are here.

My name is Benita Wolfe (by birth), and I've also been known as BJ Galvan, and I may add my mother's maiden Breedlove to honor my Scottish ancestral bloodlines! 


Professionally in the yoga world, I have been on a 20+ year teaching path, and am best known as an accomplished internationally recognized senior Certified Anusara yoga teacher and teacher trainer, particularly in South America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.


Since 2015 to the present, I feel delighted to be a principal partner in collaboration with Jack Harrison, founder and author of The Celtic School of Yoga. I am also a principal co-founder of the Anusara Hatha School of Yoga, the founder of HandstandsAnonymous™,  and Heart Core Yoga School, a YA-RYS200 since 2009, now doing business as The Celtic School of Yoga.

With thousands of hours experience teaching Anusara yoga teacher trainings, festivals, and other events all over the world, I've heard that I'm known to offer a skillful therapeutically aligned, playfully sincere, dynamic yoga practice.  

The classes I lead and co-lead are infused with joy, music, myth and experiential poetic wisdom, usually sprinkled with handstands to challenge and inspire you to a life of Love tuned to the Rhythm of Sky, Sea, Soul and Earth. I am forever a devoted student of Life and Love.

My Soul vision and purpose is to serve the greater flow of Nature in ways that contribute value, meaning and enhance the greater whole, to choose to bring more love, beauty and joy to Life in collaboration with other kindred Souls.  Leaving an Earth that is clean, healthy, safe and beautiful, a global culture founded on values of Love, peace and honor for all humanity, all beings is the dream legacy that flows through my veins, for my grandchildren, all beings for all generations to come. 

The pre-yoga years were filled with all the duties of being a professional ‘Mom’ to three boys, now extraordinary grown men and I am over the moon to be Sage Ma Bibi, (Grandmother) to two beautiful  boys and three little faerie granddaughters, also affectionately known as the Grand Drops. Being a mother and grandmother has truly been the greatest love and joy of my life. 

Those mom duties included team mom, coaching soccer, serving on the local school board 4+ years that built the 1st Green school in the USA, serving on my neighborhood association board 4 years, co-founding a day worker center for local migrant population, and participating in town envisioning projects, including initiating local recycling projects. 

Once upon a time, I was a fully certified personal trainer and fitness class instructor for 15+ years, co-owned an antique store that was in “Phoenix Best” for 3 years in a row, coordinated the outfitting of the interior of a hotel in Mexico, co-created a yoga studio, and administrated the design, building, leasing and management of commercial property.

Fluent in Spanish, I am a Reiki Master, Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner, and have been studying other natural healing modalities and metaphysical arts my whole life (since 1975), and I have been initiated as high priestess after a rigorous formal four year training in a Celtic shamanic earth wisdom mystery school.  

All these life experiences, the many faces of my Soul are the filter teachings flow through. The High Teaching, so far as I can tell, is Love. I look forward to connecting with you!

Please contact me with enquiries, comments and to say hello!

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