""I realised that the world I was looking at was the song of the Goddess of Sovereignty who was the Earth herself." 

- Jack Harrison, The Celtic School of Yoga

"Love, and do what thou wilt."  - St. Augustine of Hippo, 354 - 430 AC

I feel delighted and honored to be a principal partner in the collaboration of The Celtic School of Yoga with author and founder Jack Harrison. Our purpose is to share this non-dual ancient, yet absolutely relevant, vision and way of Being into the world through the Celtic School of Yoga platform.

THE VISION “Aisling” of the Celtic School of Yoga is the calling back, a singing in, a homecoming, to our highest state of Being through the practices of breath, song, story, poetry, yoga, movement and stillness, in kinship with soul friends and a deep rapport with the Rhythm of the natural world.

The purpose of all the practices, stories and ideas shared through the Celtic School of Yoga immersions and teacher training is to empower you to trust your own inner wisdom, connect to the natural world and the Rhythms that run through everything to awaken to the rapture of living.

All the trainings and practices are aligned to the Natural calendar, the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Rhythms of the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars.  

We look forward to seeing you on the mat, on the land, and in the world! 

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